Nuuma is a tiny nano-based sensor being designed to detect airborne gases at the parts-per-billion (ppb). Imagine Nuuma as a “digital nose” for mobile devices, with potential consumer and professional uses ranging from testing indoor/outdoor air quality to early disease detection to homeland security. The nano-sensors are being designed to be miniaturized (as small as 5mm by 5mm), low-power, high-density, and capable of detecting multiple gases.

At the consumer level, once developed we envision users with specific health issues such as asthma, stroke, lung cancer, respiratory diseases or heart disease, using our technology to better monitor the air surrounding them. By reducing exposure to air pollution levels, we believe Nuuma could help reduce the burden of these diseases. Potential professional uses include helping to detect gas leaks, monitoring the exposure of workers and others to airborne chemicals, monitoring environmental pollution, detecting chemicals commonly used in improvised explosive devices and detecting food contamination or food spoilage. 

Nuuma's underlying technology was developed at the University of California, Riverside (UCR), with $2.8M in funding from National Institutes of Health (NIH) and others prior to licensing by ieCrowd's subsidiary Nano Engineered Applications (NEA).
Nuuma’s core technology rests in a tiny sensor chip comprised of a nanomaterials-based sensor capable of detecting gases at the ppb. This sensor is high-density and built to allow real-time detection of multiple airborne chemical (gas) molecules simultaneously. Our plan is to design the Nuuma sensor to be miniaturized and run using extremely small amounts of power to greatly expand the type, location, reliability, flexibility and accuracy of its operation in diverse settings and for diverse applications. For example, Nuuma chips could be incorporated into small wearable devices (such as activity trackers or smartwatches), allowing consumers to monitor the air quality around them in real time.
Ultimately we envision data and content related to gases Nuuma sensors are detecting being shared via cloud-based applications. This could enable the real-time sharing and mapping of air quality and other information. With appropriate privacy protections in place, data could also be made available via the cloud to research facilities, news agencies, mapping companies, international health organizations, environmental organzations and federal, state and local governments.

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RIVERSIDE, Calif., August 12/PRNewswire/--Nano Engineered Applications, Inc. (NEA), an ieCrowd Company, today announced the development of a new, customizable nano gas sensor platform that will enable the configuration of small, nanomaterial-based gas sensors and their incorporation into a range of existing and new devices.

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