Press Release: New Patent Granted for Novel Method to Fabricate Nanostructures Boosts Technology Portfolio of Nano Engineered Applications

Patented technology enables further stability, selectivity and sensitivity to detect airborne gases with NEA’s nanotechnology gas sensors

Riverside, CA -- March 29, 2016 -- Nano Engineered Applications, Inc. (NEA), an ieCrowd company, today announced a patent for a method for fabricating nanostructures by galvanic displacement of segmented nanowires was granted to boost their technology portfolio. NEA commercializes patented and patent-pending sensor technologies based on nanomaterials that can detect airborne gases to the parts-per-billion level. The most recent patent furthers NEA's portfolio of technology that now includes multiple granted patents and pending applications.

The patented method uses a facile technique to fabricate one-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures with precisely positioned embedded metal nanoparticles that have demonstrated enhanced photosensitivity and have projected application as plasmon waveguides.

"NEA continues to innovate and this new patent shows our commitment to bringing nanotechnology gas sensors to the masses," says Sundip R. Doshi, President of NEA. "There is a growing interest in knowing what is in the air we breathe, and for the millions of individuals exposed to airborne toxins, our research and development is critical to create new solutions that can have lasting impact on health and wellness."

The invention of nanostructures formed by multi-segmented nanowires enables a new level of control in the fabrication method thus providing further stability, selectivity and sensitivity to detect gases such as hydrocarbons from fuel emissions, natural gas leaks, hydrogen gas leaks, and detection of sulfur compounds from waste water treatment plant. These gases are known to have significant short term and long term health impacts including neurological effects and behavioral changes, heart damage, damage to immune systems, respiratory conditions to the potential to cause cancer.

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Nano Engineered Applications, Inc. (NEA), an ieCrowd company, is headquartered in Riverside, CA and has a product development laboratory in San Diego, CA. NEA develops patented and patent pending nanomaterials-based sensor technologies for detecting airborne chemicals to the parts-per-billion (ppb) level. NEA sensors are being designed to be embedded into mobile phones, wearable devices and other existing and new technologies. Potential uses include air quality monitoring, halitosis, breathalyzer, food and agricultural safety, security, explosives detection, industrial plant toxic gas detection, gaseous chemical warfare agent detection and other applications. For more information, please visit

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