News: Forbes: Kite Shield, How These Impact Investors Are Trying To Change The Way We Fight Mosquitos

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Aug. 1, 2016 --Imagine a world in which you could protect yourself from irritating and potentially dangerous mosquito bites with a DEET-free, natural repellent that is truly effective. Great news! You already can, thanks in large part to the tireless work of Rowena Albanna, Chief Operating Officer at ieCrowd.

At ieCrowd – a growing global community of impact investors with a mission to bring breakthrough health innovations to market – Albanna serves in both a corporate leadership position and an operational role overseeing manufacturing, regulatory compliance, product development, engineering, IT, and daily operations. “I do whatever it takes to get the job done, wearing and balancing as many hats as I can without dropping any of them,” Albanna said with a chuckle.
For the past six months, Albanna has been singularly focused on bringing Kite Shield, one of ieCrowd’s primary innovations, to market. Kite Shield is a proven-effective, third-party validated mosquito repellent based on botanical science. It consists not of harsh chemicals, but rather a synergistic blend of botanical active ingredients that actually smell pleasant and are safer for you and the planet.
While Albanna doesn’t believe there is one point in time when she can say that she “discovered her purpose in life,” she does feel motivated by having a career that matters to her. “Helping to bring disruptive products to market is meaningful to me in terms of the problems they solve and the significance they add to the world. Personally, it also brings a sense of pride and accomplishment,” she said.
Albanna doesn’t believe that there is just one path for any us, but rather that we are meant to serve many purposes as we journey through life. Any situation that you are in, any job that you take, can both inspire and guide you in realizing a sense of purpose at and for that point in time – whether it’s fulfilling your own mission, or helping someone else fulfill theirs.
The greatest reward when you do find meaning in your career is that you are able to sustain the energy and desire to drive yourself to work as hard as possible, Albanna believes. “If what I’m doing lost its value and meaning to me, I wouldn’t be motivated nor able to get up every day ready to face the grind in front of me.”
Albanna explains that she has approached her entire career with a “go all in” mentality. There will always be challenges in any job, such as the ones she has faced with Kite Shield. Nevertheless, you must remain totally committed.
Not only was the mosquito repellent space new to Albanna when she began work on Kite Shield, but also chemistry was “not her friend.” So how has she been able to succeed? “The key is to realize you can’t ‘go all in’ alone. You have to get everyone else on board, too. Getting Kite Shield to market in six months took an entire village – the ieCrowd team, vendors and partners we collaborated with – all of us ‘going all in.’”
Albanna’s advice to other young people eager to tap into their life purpose? “Find what you’re good at and what you’re able to offer at any point in your life, and use those talents and resources to fill a need in someone else’s life. I have found that tapping into your strengths is a key to discovering purpose in your life."
Kite Products represents a global effort to develop new products, solutions, tools, methods and technologies to fight mosquitoes and other insects. The Kite team of experts come from a variety of scientific fields and commercial backgrounds, united through a desire to protect people, pets and the planet against the nuisance and discomfort of crawling, flying and biting insects in a healthier way.  Our collaboration model is supported by parent company ieCrowd, a growing global community of impact investors with a mission to bring breakthrough health innovations to market. Kite Shield is the first product available from Kite Products and Kite Patch is being developed as a lightweight, durable complement to Kite Shield. To learn more about Kite Products, please visit