NEA Collaborates with Cancer Prevention Institute of California to Advance the Development of Breath Analysis Technology

Today NEA made an exciting announcement - we have signed a collaboration agreement with the Cancer Prevention Institute of California (CPIC) to set the ground work needed to identify specific cancer biomarkers in exhaled breath.

NEA’s nanomaterial-based gas sensor can detect multiple analytes simultaneously, making it a good candidate to be used for noninvasive early disease detection with a clear understanding of exhaled breath disease biomarkers.  CPIC will apply its extensive research expertise and cancer knowledge to help identify potential biomarkers for specific cancers from exhaled breath including but not limited to lung and breast cancer.

This announcement will allow NEA to move towards its goal of addressing disease detection using exhaled breath including cancer but also Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, halitosis, organ failures and Parkinson’s. Because our sensors could be embedded into small medical devices or even phones, we could potentially bring non-invasive, early disease detection to the masses.

We hope to have exciting results to report on early cancer detection later this year due to these efforts. 

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