Huffington Post: How the Crowd is Making People Invisible to Mosquitoes

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Aug. 2, 2016 --In today’s era of rapid research and technological advancements, there is no shortage of profound health innovations that have the power to improve quality of life. Many people dedicate their lives to research and discovery, to finding solutions to both everyday and long term problems in the world. They spend hours, weeks, months and even years on trial and error. More often than you might think, scientists discover a life-changing innovation with the potential to improve the world - but what happens next?

How does a profound health innovation transform from a discovery to a life-improving product you and I can use at home? Luck?  No, dumb luck would be a lot easier, and less expensive, to be honest.
In order to make it into the hands of the consumer, every discovery must be commercialized. Commercializaing an innovation includes securing capital, product development, market research, production, packaging, advertising, sales promotion and all of the non-research “business stuff.” Researchers focus on, well, research. They are not always well suited to, or interested in the business side of their work, the part that takes place outside the lab. That is where our hearts lie at ieCrowd. We exist to leverage the crowd and bridge the gap between profound health innovations and their ability to improve the quality of life across the globe.
Kite Shield is one of those innovations that would not have seen the light of day without the outside help to move it from an innovation in a lab to a product you and I, as consumers, can use. The Kite technology is profound in that this mosquito repellent affects how a mosquito senses humans and reduces their ability to detect human presence. The big deal here is the entirely new approach to shielding humans from mosquitoes with an absence of potentially harmful chemicals. Kite Shield is different than everything else on the market and as impressively effective as the products containing 7%-10% DEET. This formula does not deter mosquitoes with harsh chemicals, it makes you virtually invisible to them by blocking their ability to sense your presence. The result is very simple but life-changing - if they don’t know you’re there then they can’t bite you. Such an amazing innovation, it should be made available to the world.
Bringing innovations to market is a risky and costly proposition.  ieCrowd is built on the vision of where a community of impact investors have an opportunity to make these innovations reality.  By opening the doors to private investors, individuals have the power to shape the future and together the ieCrowd community can bring truly innovative research to market that otherwise might never make it to market. In the case of Kite technology, ieCrowd identified the innovation, licensed it from the research team, and began the process of commercializing this breakthrough technology.
Today science, technology and people can come together to change the world. Kite Products have the power to protect millions across the globe from the threat of mosquitoes and it is very humbling to be part of the ieCrowd community that drives this level of innovation into the hands of those that need it the most.
Kite Products represents a global effort to develop new products, solutions, tools, methods and technologies to fight mosquitoes and other insects. The Kite team of experts come from a variety of scientific fields and commercial backgrounds, united through a desire to protect people, pets and the planet against the nuisance and discomfort of crawling, flying and biting insects in a healthier way.  Our collaboration model is supported by parent company ieCrowd, a growing global community of impact investors with a mission to bring breakthrough health innovations to market. Kite Shield is the first product available from Kite Products and Kite Patch is being developed as a lightweight, durable complement to Kite Shield. To learn more about Kite Products, please visit