How ieCrowd Works: The Deployment Phase

ieCrowd’s model is designed to leverage a network of market and distribution partners to take future market-ready solutions out to the world. 

We focus our team’s efforts and expertise on what we believe to be the primary need and opportunity: bringing breakthrough innovations out of the lab and developing them into market-ready solutions. Because future solutions are likely to have global potential and because we can't know the market needs or regulatory hurdles in every region, we believe partners with that knowledge can help future solutions reach more consumers around the world at a faster pace.

The process of identifying and even collaborating with potential market partners often will begin before product candidates are market-ready. This reflects our Collaborative Economy model and our belief that partners can help us develop enhanced future products and product platforms to better meet the needs of potential customers. 

Once ieCrowd has completed the commercialization of an innovation and the resulting products, product platforms, services or technologies are ready to go to market, ieCrowd will commit itself to a market launch on as large a scale globally as is practical. 

There are three types of market deployment methods we plan to utilize: 

  1. Licensing Partners: we will target a range of licensing opportunities for our innovation projects ranging from exclusive licenses with global market partners to specific field-of-use or regional licenses with regional or local market partners;
  2. Distribution Partners: we may distribute future products, services and technologies through distribution partners, in order to reach specific markets worldwide;
  3. Retail and Direct-to-Consumer: ieCrowd subsidiaries, with the support of ieCrowd's sales and marketing capabilities, may launch products through traditional retail distribution channels and through direct-to-consumer marketing and sales campaigns, with ieCrowd retaining the responsibility for all product development, manufacturing, distribution and sales.

While we have not yet advanced a technology to the stage of marketing or selling products, or licensing them for distribution by others, we are actively seeking to develop relationships with companies in the US and abroad that could serve as potential market/retail partners, licensees, or distributors. 

We are also working to build a range of ieCrowd product launch capabilities, including the launching of pre-product campaigns on crowdfunding websites such as, the deployment of national media campaigns and the overall development of brands. We envision the community of collaborators we build here on will aid us in building awareness of and helping promote future solutions.  

We believe each innovation will bring unique opportunities for deploying these future solutions. Our plan is to build the capabilities and partnerships to execute a wide range of strategies, as effectively and rapidly as possible, to reach customers around the world who want and need our future products. We believe the crowd, and specifically the community we are building on, will be a big part of our future success.