Imagine the world working together - unlocking the potential of untapped innovations, improving health, saving lives and creating opportunity. At ieCrowd, we believe too many innovations never see the light of day.
We're on a mission to change that.

Current innovations:

how it works: Our collaborative approach to transforming untapped innovations into future solutions

  • discovery
    Steve Abbott, our Chief Discovery Officer, works with universities, government labs, and other inventors, to identify promising innovations that fit our life, health and wellness mission.
  • development
    Development partners, our business infrastructure team, and the crowd all play a role supporting the product development experts in getting an innovation from idea to market ready.
  • deployment
    Our plan is to work with market partners to deploy future products which we believe will enable us to reach more markets, faster. We envision the crowd bringing us partners, raising awareness and providing feedback on future products and campaigns.

NEWS: The latest updates from ieCrowd and our innovation platform

We believe there is a role for everyone in the Innovation Economy. Not a few people in a few places - but people from all walks of life, from every continent. Untapped innovations could be one of the world's greatest assets. In the first 5 years we brought on 5 innovations. Imagine what the impact could be if we unlock the potential of 50, or 500. Join us and help us make our dream a reality.

Recent activity: