• Hometown

    ieCrowd helped power Riverside, CA to become the #1 Most Intelligent Community in the world in 2012. We're proud to be building the nation's next innovation hub in our hometown.  Learn More

  • Innovator

    ieCrowd works with innovators around the world who seek to turn their cutting-edge technology into social and economic impact around the world.  Learn more


    ieCrowd transforms cutting-edge innovations into innovative, high-growth ventures by utilizing a powerful platform designed to build successful companies that add value to global markets - and individuals. Learn more

  • Powerful

    ieCrowd transforms cutting-edge innovations and technologies into high-growth companies with social and economic impact.


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    ieCrowd builds companies capable of solving pressing global challenges that impact the lives of billions of people worldwide. 

  • Vision

    ieCrowd's team began with a vision to dramatically change the way innovations, capital, and entrepreneurs were connected for the purpose of solving global challenges. The rest is history. Learn more


    ieCrowd's platform is delivering real results - the product of three years of development, a shared vision, new and uncommon partnerships, and true passion for solving global challenges with entrepreneurship. Learn more

  • Crowd Power

    ieCrowd uses the passion, expertise, and vision of the crowd to solve global challenges - enabling the best innovative solutions to get to market.

    Crowd Focus

    ieCrowd's platform, companies, and programs are powered by people with a clear purpose - to build new companies with social and economic impact potential.


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Big Solutions For Big Challenges

ieCrowd transforms breakthrough discoveries into global solutions with a new approach to taking technologies to market.

ieCrowd builds global solutions from the world’s big scientific and technology breakthroughs. Each new ieCrowd innovation is led to market by committed entrepreneurs and expert innovators, creating social and economic impact - for good.

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